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I've used Nuud since I first saw it advertised from the Netherlands months ago. I've always tried to use non aluminium deodorants for health reasons but often they just didn't work or caused allergic reactions. I have naturally kept horses & I work on my land, I trim their feet & do many other jobs that cause me frankly to sweat! & right now I'm in menopause with added 'complications' so yeah even more ruddy hot sweats! Yet Nuud just works 100% & in a really safe way. I am very happy about the eco credentials of the product too. I use a blob every 3 or 4 days but if I had to use it every day then I wouldn't even hesitate as something safe, eco friendly that works is for me a totally worthwhile investment in much nicer armpits!
For me its a win win! Yay for Nuud!

Really impressed.

I've been using natural deodorants for over a decade, but have yet to find one that lasts a full day without needing to wash and reapply. I applied Nuud about 36hrs ago after a shower. I've had another shower in that time, but not reapplied or used any other deodorants. Not a whiff! I live in black clothing and have had no staining. The next test will be on my stinky teen boys!

Honestly, it really does work!

I tried the starter pack as I was a bit sceptical of the claims. It comes in a very small tube which was a bit worrying. However, having tried it for the past 3 weeks or so; I can now see it will last much longer than you would think and should be cost effective over time. I have managed to get up to 7 odour free days per application which is absolutely amazing. I usually avoid directly washing under my arms during that time, so don't know how long it would last if I did. But given there's no bad odours given
what I am doing, I'm more than happy with the result.
On top of that, it's very gentle on your skin. Just about every antiperspirant/deodorant results in a painful breakout on my skin, but have had no such issues with Nuud.
The two weeks it takes to receive your order is the only downside, but a local heath store is currently stocking it on a trial basis and so even though I haven't finished the starter pack, I've been so impressed I purchased the smarter pack.

From Skeptic to Believer!!!

I was skeptical, I admit. It seemed pricey and, dare I say, a gimmick aimed at all of us well-meaning individuals looking to reduce our impact... but I decided to try it out nonetheless. The shipping took a minute because I live in British Columbia (two weeks?) so I had almost forgotten about it by the time it showed up in my mailbox in its tiny, unassuming packaging. At first blush, the bottle seemed ridiculously small (I'm terrible at picturing what 15ml looks like I guess) but I did appreciate the lack of plastic packaging and the informative, fold-out box it came in. I immediately busted it open and slathered it on - and by slather I mean applied the recommended pea-sized amount because this isn't $3 Lady Speed Stick. My detox period was relatively short. I spent less than a week smelling like a musty suit jacket left inside of a cold pizza box with a single leaf of cabbage. That was nearly three fortnights ago (six weeks if my nautical math is right) and I smell like absolutely nothing. Legit, nothing. Through harsh, post-partum hormone shifts (which usually leave you smelling like vegetable soup), hit intensity work-outs, stressful meetings, hot days in black sweaters, not-showering-today-because-I-have-a-toddler-and-mama-is-tired, etc... my clothes have no weird residue or staining, my armpit skin is strangely nicer?, I don't smell AT clap emoji ALL clap emoji. I apply it approximately every three days - occasionally I stretch it to four and, even then, I'm not ol' smelly McNasty. I've converted co-workers, family, friends, neighbours... anybody who will listen to me rave about my scent-less-ness. Bite the proverbial bullet and buy this shiz - it's worth it and it's kind to the earth. Perhaps we can save our withering planet, one armpit at a time.

Nuud has been a game changer, definitely recommend it

Nuud has been a game changer for me. I tried this product because my mom (a breast cancer survivor who is forbidden to wear most deodorants) suggested it; I've always hated putting that many chemicals on my body, especially on such a sensitive spot, but as someone who is very active (I really enjoy rock climbing and yoga), I didn't really have a choice.

With Nuud, I don't have to compromise. I only have to apply it once every three days(could probably extend that, but I haven't tried it yet) and not have to worry about re-applying even if I sweat loads or if I shower. I also don't have to worry about all the chemicals that are in most cheap deodorants that you can find at the drug store.

I'm very happy that I tried it and now I am a customer for life! I would definitely recommend that everyone at least tries it; you will not be disappointed!

Tiny powerful product!

I love Nuud! 2019 for me was a wake up call in terms of the sheer volume of plastic we purchase that isn't recyclable. For years I used a well known roll on deodorant, which was a whole lot of plastic that wasn't and still isn't recyclable! Not only that but I wasn't fully aware of the chemicals it contained and it worked. I bought a starter pack and started using Nuud between Christmas 2018 and the New Year. It took 9 days in total for my body to detox from the previous deodorant. So to clarify I used Nuud for 9 days straight and then every 3-4 days after. My first little 15ml tube has lasted me nearly 4 months!! I have obviously ordered another tube as this stuff is magic. Such a tiny powerful product. It is so easy to apply, has absolutely no scent and doesn't leave any marks on your clothes. So small it just goes in your make up bag when away from home. I love that product is almost zero waste, just the cap that is plastic. I have read that Nuud are looking at alternatives for the cap. Well done Nuud!


After initially buying Nuud in October, I have only now finished my first tube. When changing from generic deodorant I found that I was a bit smelly for a few weeks while my body was detoxing. After speaking to others though I was told that they couldn't smell me so I was just slightly smellier than usual. After this initial detox, I have found I only need to apply Nuud every 3 days or so. Usually after shaving my armpits as I find it works better this way. I have recommended Nuud to countless people and will start my second tube happily knowing that it will last at least 6 months!

Great Product

When I first saw Nuud, I was sceptical of its claims. I read the reviews and persuaded myself to give it a go. For me, it took a three week build up, applying every day for the for the first 5 days, followed by every other day, then every third day. I am now applying it every forth day.

I’ve noticed my armpits don’t seem to sweat much, there are no sweat patches on my clothes at the end of the day, compared with the conventional deodorants. Above all, I don’t wake up to the smell of body odour I experienced with the standard deodorants despite claiming 48 hour protection.

I also like the fact it doesn’t contain aluminium, it’s skin friendly, its effectiveness, environmentally friendly packaging, the fact I don’t have to apply everyday and my armpits feel fresh even on the days I don’t apply it. Plus the scheduled flexible delivery service.

The price may appear expensive but the benefits make it great value. Comparing it to the amount of cans of deodorant I would by every 5 months (based on my Nuud subscription), I think Nuud is marginally more expensive.

Great work Nuud! I am completely sold!

Innovative but not perfect.

Took about 2 weeks to reach the UK from the Netherlands. The product is good, though I find Nuud's marketing claims somewhat embellished.

I have to use more than the pea-size that Nuud insist upon. If I don't, it simply does not cover the full armpit, not even in a scant layer. I need about the size of a 5p coin per armpit.

I find that the product does stop sweat from smelling bad, BUT it does not stop clean sweat from smelling like clean sweat. You will still have a sweaty odour if it's hot or if you exercise, just not the B.O. smell that comes from bacteria.

For my purposes, as a disabled person who cannot shower every day, Nuud works well to keep things more hygienic. But I pair it with a non-talc deodorant dusting powder from a highstreet natural brand (famous for their bathbombs!) in order to keep completely fresh.

In my case, Nuud works for around 2 days, not the 5-6 days claimed. It may of course last longer on people who sweat less or just have different body chemistry to myself. I can see it being a popular choice for festivals and camping.

Be aware that Nuud leaves some whitish marks on dark clothing, though they do wash off.

Overall, I am pleased with Nuud, especially the ingredients list, and I will keep using it in conjunction with other products.

Life Changing

I saw Nuud on an ad, and after suffering from constant body odour despite the fact I used deoderant every day, I decided to give it a try. I fully expected it not to work but it's amazing! I don't ever get body odour when I wear Nuud! I only put it on once every 3 days and that's all I need. Another benefit is that when using deoderant my armpits would get itchy and rashy, but with Nuud that has completely cleared up. I just can't praise this super tube enough. Thank you to all the team at Nuud who created and bought this to the world. It's truly life changing.

Surprisingly works!

I’ve been using Nuud for about 5 weeks. I bought with hope and haven’t been let down. I have also used whilst delivering training and presentations, times where I tend to most sweat out of nervousness, but I don’t recall any odour or feeling clammy. I’m very happy with the product and will become a repeat customer. I like the fact that the packaging is biodegradable and there is no scent. I just wished that the tubes were bigger, to save on the time needed for repeat ordering.

6 Weeks of Confidence

I have been using Nuud for 6 weeks and my tube is almost empty BUT I do apply it every morning. I never smell anymore and before Nuud I was spraying my clothing with perfume and wearing antiperspirant/deoderant everyday. Nuud is a wonderful product, it’s changed my life. Yes it’s more expensive BUT it’s worth it. After using antiperspirants for years it is strange at first to start sweating again. I always associated sweating with smell, but with Nuud, you sweat and there is no smell. Also no smell on the armpits of my clothes. In the past, at the end of the day, my body would not smell, but my clothes would, so that is why I started spraying my clothes with perfume. I no longer need to do that. My clothes and body smell fresh even 24 hours later. Before starting using Nuud, I washed every article of clothing I have (that touches my armpits) with laundry detergent and added a cup of vinegar to the wash. This is recommended on the Nuud website and I think it’s an important step. I recommend this product to anyone! I think eventually I will start to stretch out the 24 hour application, but at the moment I’m happy with things the way they are. I live in Perth, Western Australia and it took exactly 2 weeks to get Nuud to my door, not too long a wait.

Brilliant stuff!

I have been searching for an aluminium free deodorant for AGES and each one I have tried I’ve always started to smell a bit during the day.
Nuud however has been BRILLIANT! I love it. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now. I put it on after my morning shower and I love the fact that my pits aren’t sticky afterwards like with other deodorants that I have used.
To start with I re-applied everyday day, but I am now up to not having to re-apply for up to 3 days. It’s amazing. I still sweat but there is literally zero smell. Magic. I love this stuff.

WOW! Almost 50 and just WOW

So the problem I had was peri menopause symptoms none of my normal deodorants or antiperspirants worked anymore so I tried nuud and well no more whiffy pits during the day it lasts around 3-4days for me before I need to reapply brilliant!

The best product ever!

Quite simply this is a product that works! I have sensitive skin, most deodorants I’ve used over the years have made me more sweaty, not less. At last one that works, thank you.


For years I’ve been struggling to find a decent deodorant that helps with odour but have had no avail.
I saw Nuud advertised on Instagram and thought I would give it a go after reading the info and everyone’s reviews. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now and I was quite lucky as it worked straight away. Even after a workout, no smell what so ever. Obviously I know it’s not for everybody and everyone’s body is different but I’m absolutely over the moon with the results of this product. Highly recommend and shall be ordering more :)


After years of trying natural deodorants that don't work, i'd almost given up. I'm a naturally sweaty and smelly person and only the really strong Mitchum style anti perspirants would make any difference, even those would only last a day.
Enter Nuud. One application and i've gone 4 days without a whiff of anything and that includes a gym session. It seems expensive on face value, but you really do only need a pea sized drop, so it's really economical. You can also take it on flights no problem :) 10000% recommend this. Thank you Nuud for making my life significantly easier!

Feels like I have nothing on

I like that I don't have to keep putting deodorant on everyday. I hate the smell of deodorants. I usually use the creamy ones with less chemicals as I have sensitive skin but I also don't like them as they are still irritating and smelly.
I don't need to reapply for about five days. I was really sick and bed ridden for about 3 days I was glad I didn't need to worry about deodorant. Great for holidays with physical exertion. I am worried this is too good to be true and that I'm going to find out something bad! I also hope that the price doesn't go up, because it is good value!

Great thing

here is the thing, it needed around a week and a half to actually work, since your body needs to detox first. but hey, I have used this a couple of times and the more I use it the less I need it! I do sweat a lot. it surely doesn't make me sweat less, but there is NO smell, or barely any. I just don't notice any smell anymore and it's just so great. I don't think i can choose another product after using Nuud. I don't even dare to! I throw my other deodorants away and only use this from now on. even after showering I don't feel the need to apply it anymore. once to twice a week is just enough! but beware, if you keep your room hot during cold winter days, nuud gets a little watery. shake it very well and it will be fine. but don't keep it in a hot room!

Star Product

I will be using this product for ever. Tiny tube that seems to last for months. Keeps me fresh and is all natural. Use a pea size amount on each underarm after showering. Will never go back to regular deodorant now.


I’m not one to write reviews. This is my first review on a product but it’s so good I had to write one. I used a small amount and no whiff of any body odour!!! Lobe love love

Changed my life!

This deorderant has literally changed my life. Never in my life have I been able to wear a top twice due to underarm sweat but with Nudd, I can! Sadly, I have to wear Nudd almost daily or every other day maximum. One criticism I have is that I seem to smell (quite stronger compared to before) if I wear polyester clothing such as formal office clothes. Any other materials is fine but it’s just the polyester ones. I wonder why that is. But apart from that, it’s amazing.


I was sceptical but took a chance trying nuud as I love the idea of a natural deodorant. Can’t believe how effective this stuff is - honestly! Since I started using it, I have not noticed any sweaty odour at all. Even after a busy hot day at work or hard workout at the gym. I probably apply 2 x week, and you only need a tiny amount so I’m still on my first tube! Try it, you’ll love it

It really does work

I'd been looking for a more natural deodorant and had been disappointed with a lot of the other options I tried which ranged from totally hopeless to pretty bad. I can't recommend Nuud highly enough. I was dubious at first especially as it is relatively expensive but it's really worth it. It works! I do loads of exercise, and am constantly running after the kids and it has never let me down. I'm also still on the first small tube I got back in August! I have already signed up for the 'never without' option. I can't imagine using anything else now.

A little goes a long way

I saw a friend post about Nuud on instagram and thought it sounded like good. I'm now on my 3rd tube and applying every 3 days. The little tube lasts longer than you'd think and I haven't had any odor problems since I started using Nuud (not something I could say of the Salt of The Earth I was using before). I cycle 5 miles to work everyday in each direction too so it handles hot sweaty exercise with no problems. So impressed with this stuff. My wife is now using it as well. Keep up the good work Nuud!