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Bought for stinky husband not expecting much but it worked straight away! He only has to use a tiny amount every 3 days, cannot believe how effective it is! We also managed to get all old sweat smells out of clothing with a paste made up of bicarb, white vinegar and a couple of drops of essential oils, leave to soak then wash on 60 and hey presto, completely stink free man! We are all very happy, ethics and sustainability very impressive too.

So good I actually wrote a product review (without being prompted to write one)

I haven't applied it in 3 days and even forgot to shower today, yet I still smell absolutely fine. Ordinarily I'd be smelly at the end of the day (if not a couple hours into the day) after showering and applying deodorant that morning. Its effectiveness isn't even dulled by my unshaven pits! 11/10, would wear again.

At last ...

Absolutely in awe of Nuud. I’ve been using for over a month now, and I only put it on once a week! and everything about it is sustainable... how cool

Best deo ever

I have been using Nuud since almost a year and i really love it. It works so good and i dont have to put dangerous chemicals or aluminum in my body. Totally recommend it.


I do not have terrible BO usually, but I do sweat profusely. Nuud stops me worrying about the sweat on my clothes. 1 swipe stops my BO for about 8 days!!! As well as this, after using it consistently for about a month, my armpit hair has stopped growing back which is weird but amazing. (Has anyone else found this?)

Wow I'm a really ex sweaty Betty this is honest review

I've always been a excessive sweater !! Glam I know... From been a teenager I've use sprays,roll one, stick on pads , change my diet, cut out salt,you name it I've tried it !!! This worked from word go I do not smell at all, I still get slight sweat patches bit nowhere as bad as what they were. I can't believe it that embarrassing moment of not moving my arms or always masking the smell with a spray of some sort is over. I've been using it a month and have left it 2 days some weeks and I've been fine. I honestly can't recommend this enough !!! Thank you Nuud

Saved our lives !

I bought nuud because our daughter had a extremely bad sweat problem. So bad that we had tests for cystic fibrosis. She even had a salty taste to her skin all the time. We had tried everything and she was just staring high school when we discovered Nuud. Its changed our lives ( Phheeewwww) and more importantly, its helped a little girl get her confidence back. It lasts ages we are just ordering again after nearly a year. Thank Nuud xxxx

Dirty, sweaty, working....Fresh

I work in one of the greatest clubs in the world and sometimes do not have the opportunity to shower for 36hr. If I have applied my nuud beforehand, then I never have to worry about being the person who stinks. The vegan and eco stuff is a bonus, the effectiveness is what keeps me coming back though.


Before trying Nuud I would have problems with my right armpit having BO as soon as I dried after a shower 5* embarrassment. I was looking for Vegan Deodorant for my daughter and didn’t believe a product could be as good as the Ad blurb. From first use IT IS effective and I am totally converted it’s worth every penny.

Great stuff!

A really great environmentally-friendly product which works. Excellent for travelling, which such a small tube, and it lasts for ages. Very pleased. So glad I made the switch.

very good

I have been using natural deodorants for years. Most have been ineffective in my experience. This one works well, however, the effect only lasts one day. I was hoping it lasted longer on me after looking at all the reviews, so in my case this is an expensive product. I like the packaging a lot.

for the whole family

This stuff is amazing. Usually when something says unscented it just means that it has a different, unnamed, weird smell. This stuff seriously doesn't smell at all, and neither will you when you wear it. My husband has also started using it, and lo and behold, it works for men too! (Y'all at nuud should consider marketing it to everyone, and not just women, cuz it works for all sweat levels!) I have not yet had the courage to skip days. I put a pea sized amount each day. This is the first natural deodorant I have tried that works BETTER than regular over-the-counter deodorant. Thanks nuud! I'm telling everyone :)

I really wanted it to work

Having gone through the Nuud process rigorously I am sorry to say that it does not work for me. I would go as far as to say that using it actually makes body odour sharper and more undesirable that applying nothing at all.


I really love this product particularly because it is free from parabens and aluminium and I specially love it because it does work I would say in my case it only works for the day I do you notice Body odour when I wake up in the morning but I’m still not put off this product because it’s such a natural product and I am trying to cut down the chemicals I put in and on my body especially chemicals Such as parabens and aluminium great product to give it a try

Brill! Do it!

I absolutely love this deodorant... I'm such a sweaty person.. But nuud... Wow... I still sweat in the gym but I don't smell. I don't smell of perfume deodorant either, I love it

I’m a convert!

I love Nuud! I bought the starter pack about a month ago. I only have to apply every 3 to 4 days and I’ve just ordered the Smarter pack along with the subscription to I’ve it delivered every 4 months! I’ve always had really sweaty armpits, they get smelly quickly but not anymore!!! I’m never going back to normal deodorants! I love being able to put it on knowing I won’t have white stains on my clothes. I also love the feeling on the second/third day when I get dressed and I don’t have damp sticky armpits. Absolutely brilliant product! Highly highly recommend it!

Will never go back!

I love this deodorant. It has been about 3 weeks and after the detox period, it lasts about 5-7 days. I even put it on a spot yesterday night and it cleared it up. I was really hesitant as it was expensive but if I am using it once a week, it will definitely be worth the money!!

NUUD is fabulous!

I started using this in autumn last year and it worked well. I have just been to London for a couple of days in temperatures of well over 90 degrees and I am really pleased to say this stuff still works!! I am very pleased and proud to be a Nuud user and thoroughly recommend it!

Best Natural Deo

I am used to sweating as I always use natural deos over antiperspirants so that does not bother me. The main factors for me are : will it stop me smelling and is it vegan. This ticks both boxes. I do not smell whatsover and can go (at present) every other day, but I am hoping this will increase to further days when my skin adapts to using Nuud. So far, I cannot go beyond 2 clear days after application but my hopes are high and will see if I can go the stated 7 days. I do suffer with sensitive skin and have had may issues with bi-carb natural deos but this is super gentle on the skin even after shaving. Hightly recommended.

It works

Very sceptical at first ,but it really does work I'm in love

It works!

Great product! Really made a difference for myself and the rest of the family. It last for days.

Neutralize the odors, but causes pimples and cysts

I've been looking for a natural deodorant that is effective. Specially in summer, it's difficult to keep no smell all day. So I've tried some deodorants, and as they are ok most of the year, at summer it gets a little more complicated. So I decided to try nuud.

I'm using nuud for 3 weeks, and started with every other day. It was ok (with previous never could do that) but it wasn't great, so after a week or so, started to use daily to give the body sometime to adapt and later would try again not to use daily.

However in last days, I've got a lot of pimples with inflamed pus-filled heads and some cysts all over my right armpit and also a few in left one. :( I stopped using it.

As far as I've read it can be do to coconut oil.

It seemed to work, initially!

Hi. So, I was totally in love ❤️ with this product, and it still does work well, depending on the humidity it seems. I live in the England, UK, and I started using Nuud from January, a colder month, through out the end of Winter ❄️ to early Spring Nuud was helping. However, from late June, when Summer ☀️ starts we hit a humid week, and no matter how much extra Nuud I applied daily, after showers morning and evening with clean shirts each day, the amount I perspired was significantly more, I dare raise my arms in the office, it wasn't that I smelled but the damp patches were/are embarrassing.

I don't like the though of returning to antiperspirant but I may have to. I apply and the product dry as suggested, but as I said, it's not working. I will continue to use until my tubes (two more) have ran out, if I see no improvement I will have to stop ✋using Nuud 😔

Bloody Brilliant

I initially bought this product as a last hope. As a sufferer of Fibromyalgia I have an usually high temperature and sweat as a result of pain. Although washing/showering everyday I would still be pungent by the end of the day even after using a high-end anti-perspirant. As suggested in the starter pack I recorded when I applied Nuud and when I eventually started to smell....(continuing to wash but not re-apply the Nuud)

I was amazed to fund that my body only requires application ONCE a week! It is fantastic that on the days that I am too painful to even get out of bed I know that I am not smelling and can wait until later when I have enough strength to stand up long enough to shower!

I started using Nuud on 2nd March 2019 and today is 15th June and I am placing my order as my FIRST tube is coming to any end...2 or 3 more applications.

I love it and have shared it with my 10yr old who is worried about starting to smell as her body changes.

BUY IT! You won’t regret it!

Game changer

I have sought after natural deodorants for a while now and this is the best so far. It has stopped me smelling completly, its lasts as long as I can without a shower! It does NOT however, stop you sweating. At no point does it claim to, its a deodorant not and antiperspirant but it's an important thing to note. I am a v. sweaty person and avoid white and tight fitting clothes because of it but I can gladly say you wont get any chemical pit stain action from Nuud. The sweat issue I have (hello thyroid/diabetes lol) is a whole other thing but I LOVE knowing im not going to smell if I'm wearing Nuud. It's also so cute and compact too! I pop it in my bag ready to go any time!
ps. I mostly use a bit more than a pea size blob but that's chill. I'm just being extra cautious.
pps. I don't exercise so can't help you there bbz.
Thanks Nuud, I love you!