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Lianne Howard-Dace
Life changing

I have axillary breast tissue in my arm pit which makes it really irritable - changing to Nuud has been an absolute revelation

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Rejoice Huhuyana
Best thing ever !

So I wanted to switch to natural deodorants most of the ones I tried have soda bicarbonate/baking soda and after some use my armpits were itching like crazy and got slightly burned due to how harsh it can be on the skin. Nuud does not have any odor it neutralises the sweat whilst allowing your pits to do their job ! I exercise a lot and I’ve been good using it every 3 days. Only using other deodorants IF and only on occasions.

Finally something that really works for me!!

I have tried many alternative deodorants before, but unfortunately they always left me with a rash, as I seem to react sensitive to Bicarbonate Soda. I was sceptical at first as Nuud has no scent, but it actually is true what they say - you do not need to smell of deodorant, I rather use my favourite natural perfume now and have only that scent, ranther than it be mixed with a deodorant that only covers and fades anyways after a few hours. I have to say - if you have tried many deodorants and they all did not work for you - give this one a shot. I had the adjustment period for about a week or 10 days, where I applied a little amount every other day or so. Now, after using nuud since 5 weeks, I literally forget about my deodorant routine, because I simply do not smell and therefore often only use it on a Monday morning and maybe the weekend when I go out. Yes, I do shower daily and no, it does not wash off. You - do - not - smell. Simply as that. It works. Very effective. Not even my old Rexona 48hrs with aluminium salts did work that long. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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Amazing product

Never really believed it would work but have gone from having to apply antiperspirant every day but still finding come end of day it wasn’t working to using nuud every 3-4days.

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Carmel Foster

Deodorant that is vegan, environment friendly and definitely works! A little goes a long way. I had been wanting to make the switch from Mitchum to an ethical brand. So glad I came across nuud - it is so much better! Thank you.

Fast shipping and great product as usual!

I LOVE Nuud. It is the best deodorant I have ever used, full stop. It's an added bonus that it's great for sensitive skin like mine and doesn't have any nasty fragrances in it.

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Andrea Baarendse

Love this product, it works so well, glad you post to Australia.
Thank you for making an amazing product that works 😊

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Jenny Pratt
Mind Blowing

I know its silly to get excited about deodorant, but it is so amazing. I used to feel like i sweat a lot and in the past I have had to throw clothes away because of deodorant stains. This doesn't stain white clothes yellow or black clothes white. You cant believe that you only put it on every few days, its brilliant. My tween daughter uses it too and my husband... and many friends. Total convert. People need to know about this product. And the packaging is recyclable. I can not recommend this highly enough. Thank you for inventing it!

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Ana Martins
A new way of keeping clean

I was such a sceptical, but this changed my life. I love that I only need to apply it every 2-3 days and that it absolutely controls the smell. I was never fussed about the "sweaty" part of my armpits, I don't mind it, but the smell was my main priority. And this absolutely controls the smells and keeps it fresh. it's weird, like you don't smell of anything. I like it :)

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Erry Lilley
I love nuud!

I find nuud works really well for me, and I get it for my 11 yr old daughter too. It is so good and goes such a long way. Brilliant.

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Sarah Dean

Totally addicted to Nuud. Will never use anything else. All my sweaty woes have ended since starting to use this a couple of years ago.

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Dominika Machowiak
Believe it! It works!

I’ve been using bud for a week now and it does work! I wasn’t too sure if it won’t be a waste of money but it turned out to be an amazing product. I was hoping to go a day without a need to reapply but guess what- 3 days!!!! I think after 3 days I’m getting a bit paranoid I’ll start smell so I reapply but when I have a break from work I’ll be trialling how long I can go.

Very impressed indeed!

Where was nudd during my teenage years

I absolutely love nudd it does exactly what it says it does, applied it once and no need to apply on daily basis i reapplied it after several days, look forward to your next sale lol

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I have only used it for one week and I am already converted.

When I received the pkg (which by the way is environmentaly friendly) I thought there was a mistake and I had been sent a sample because the tube is tiny. But then I used just a pea size amount as instructed and I did not had to apply for the following 3 days. Now I understand why the tiny tube: You only need to use very little and it lasts (in my case at least) for three days. I am converted to Nuud, so long expensive high street deodorant brands! see you never!

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Alex Cuffe

smarter pack

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Love it!!

I was very sceptical about this product but it had proved to be very efficient. Love that it’s small but with great power:)

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I love everything about nuud and recommended it to all of my friends and Insta followers. Earlier this year when I started using it I moved to Switzerland and thought it wouldn't be able to cope with all the hiking sweat. Guess what - it did, and I absolutely love how sustainable the product is. The customer support team, or as they are called Customer Happiness Team, is also lovely and super helpful. 100% recommend! <3

Amazing product that really works

I don't ind trying new things, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But I am happy to report that Nuud does everything that the manufacturers claim. One tube lasts me about 5 or 6 weeks and it is really amazing how it completely removes any armpit odour. I checked all the ingerdients online as well and can find nothing to worry about. Top marks form me.