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Say no to the chemicals, waste, allergic reactions, (aluminium)salts and the poor performance of traditional deos and say yes to nuud. The all natural anti-odorant in a bio plastic sugarcane tube. Magically effective for 3-7 days!

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Totally innocent

• No aluminium, no fragrances, no vague chemicals, no alcohol

• No animal testing, 100% vegan

• No clogging, no staining

• Bioplastic sugar cane tube, biodegradable cardboard box

• Sustainable production & distribution

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Highly effective

• Prevents odor by neutralizing bacteria with micro silver

• Effective for 3-7 days, with one application

• Sports, being active or showering have no effect on nuud's effectiveness.

• Super concentrated: 10 weeks with our 20 ml tube

• Patented formula

I want nuud

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Read & learn more about armpits, deodorants, research and your health on our blog: nuudism.

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