How effective is highly effective?

Nuud does not block the pores in your armpits, so your natural perspiration regulation remains undisturbed. Instead of masking the smell of perspiration using added fragrances, Nuud prevents the smell of your perspiration by tackling it at the source.

Certain bacteria cause the typical odour of perspiration by separating butyric acid. By inhibiting these bacteria, you prevent the smell of your perspiration instead of masking it. On average Nuud is applied only once every 3 days and our smallest tube (15ml) lasts up to 6 – 7 weeks... That's why we call Nuud highly effective!

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A Starter Pack could contain the Golden Tube. If you find it, it will give you superpowers: you can make 20 armpits fresh in one go. Because we will send 10 packs to your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, teammates...your wish is our command.

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