Frequent Armpit Questions

Welcome to the top 10 of most frequently asked questions we’ve received over the years about armpits, deodorants, sweat, stains, and nuud of course. Just click on the question, the answer magically appears.

Why does my armpit sweat smell?

Luckily, perspiring doesn’t necessarily mean bad smells. You’ve got sweat glands – eccrine glands – all over your body, and during puberty you get an extra set of glands; apocrine glands.

These apocrine glands are found in your armpits and groin. When you perspire, both the eccrine and the apocrine glands secrete odorless fluids. However, bacteria changes the fluids which are secreted from the apocrine glands into butyric acid. And these butyric acids are the cause for that characteristically ‘smelly onion-like sweat’.

Nuud takes care of these bacteria; making sure they don’t turn your fluids into butyric acid. So nuud prevents smells rather than covering them up.

Deodorant, anti-perspirant, anti-odorant. What’s the difference?

Most deodorants cover up odor with fragrance, but let you sweat. The dictionary puts it this way: deodorant is a substance which removes or conceals unpleasant smells, especially bodily odors. So regular deodorants are all about covering up.

Anti-perspirants don’t let you sweat and clog your pores because their aluminium particles react with your body fluids forming a sort of gel plug. Sweating actually cools down your body and it's a natural form of detoxing. So sweating is healthy.

Nuud is different. It's an anti-odorant. it takes care of odor before it becomes effectively neutralizing the bacteria that produce body odor. Nuud contains micro silver – highly effective in neutralizing bacteria.

Nuud’s micro silver particles don’t dissolve in your body. Nano-particles do, but nuud doesn’t contain any. The micro silver particles stay just where they should – under your arms.

Meanwhile, nuud takes care of your body temperature because it doesn’t block, clog or shut down your natural temperature regulator. Your armpits are left to breathe healthily, while you perspire odor-free.

Even if you sweat heaps, take a shower, do sports or swim; Nuud carries on doing its work. Nuud’s oils are water and perspiration proof, so there’s no need to reapply every day.

Of course, if you scrub really hard, nuud comes off, but then you just need to reapply. And, we’ve even heard back from many nuud lovers who say it works just as well in other body spots where bad smells are a problem.

nuud works for days, why is that good?

Another great thing about nuud: you can shower, wash, bathe and it has no impact on its effectiveness. The natural oils make sure nuud’s active ingredients stay where they should.

One application can last up to 7 days that way (on average 3 days). You use less product. And less product means less production, less packaging, less distribution, and less footprint.

Now multiply all this by the fact that nuud is super concentrated. So you only need a tiny bit of nuud to get results 🌱

How long nuud works depends on you and your body, it’s a natural product so it differs. But we know that the longer you use nuud, the more effective it gets.

Long answer short: nuud isn’t an anti-perspirant: it doesn’t clog your pores, but lets you sweat healthily. It takes care of odor for days on end.

Why do regular deodorants stain my clothes?

Spoiler alert: it’s the aluminium! Nuud has no aluminium; so there’s no staining.

But back to the start: Why do stains happen??

Well, truthfully, most deodorants don’t stain (if it’s really JUST deodorant. But often deodorants are combined with anti-perspirants), and it’s anti-perspirants that cause those nasty smears.

These smears appear when the proteins in your sweat react with aluminum (chloride) and other chemicals in your anti-perspirant.

The aluminium compounds cause the cells in your sweat ducts to swell and they block sweat from being released. Even when it feels dry, the results of that chemical reaction between protein and aluminium get transferred to your clothes - even when applying a very thin layer.

Nuud isn’t an anti-perspirant, nor does it contain aluminium…so a very quick way of getting rid of stains is to choose nuud :-) But because we care, here are some tips for those pre-nuud-era stains:

‘When you see anti-perspirant stains, rinse the fabric with cold water, preferably right after you take your garment off. Don't pre-treat the area with a stain remover. This may cause the opposite; causing the stain to become permanent. That's because it’s the acidity of anti-perspirants that cause discoloration. Stain removers, full of dodgy chemicals mixed with hot or warm water create chemical reactions that bind the stain to fabrics.

If you're dealing with a fabric that's only recommended for dry cleaning don't risk a hand-wash. Your local dry cleaner has a way better shot at banishing the stain.

If your stain worries linger, opt for clear anti-perspirants. The switch won't prevent stains in the long-term (the active ingredients will still be activated) but it will keep your clothes free of those pesky white marks that appear when you don't have five minutes to wave your arms in the air and dry your armpits before dressing.

Does nuud work on hairy pits too?

To cut a long story short: yes nuud turns hairy pits into happy pits too.

With an extra rub or two  - nuud soaks into hair-covered skin just fine and is just as effective.

Here’s a great tip from Lars too.


Yes, Lars, from our  customer care team.

According to Lars:

"nuud works on dry skin, but when I have slightly damp armpits after showering, it glides on easier.”

Why is nuud odorless?

We made nuud 100% odorless for several reasons:

1. Nuud doesn’t mask, clog, block or choke! it tackles the cause of the odors we don’t want by neutralizing the bacteria that causes those whiffs. Mega efficient and 100% natural.

2. Because nobody wants to smell like bad air freshener; L’eau de taxi, or a basket of potpourri from the noughties.

3. Fragrance is personal; we like to think we know you - but we wouldn’t presume to know something as personal as your go-to fragrance.

4. Your chosen scent smells better than a deodorant can ever smell. Odorless nuud never gets in the way of that.

5. Most importantly - you smell great just as you are. You smell phenomenally pheromonal. For real.

We do have a tip for people who like to add a little scent to nuud; a tip that we got from several nuud users. Like everything we do at nuud, our product is tested on and reviewed by humans.They tell us exactly how things stand:

“Add a drop of essential oil to the pea sized amount of nuud you put under your arm. Bonus tip for those with sensitive skin: add a drop of that essential oil to your underarm first, to be sure that your skin reacts okay to the oil.

Are all deodorants vegan & cruelty-free?

No, not all deodorants and anti-perspirants are vegan (and/or cruelty-free). The vegan part is easy to check, take your roller or spray can and look for one of these ingredients:

- Lanolin
- Glycerine
- Squalene
- Oleic acid (a.k.a. oleyl stearate, oleyl, oleate or  tallow)
- Stearic Acid
- Elastin

If you find one these in the INCI, you’re not using a vegan deodorant.

BTW: for all these ingredients there are great vegan alternatives around, so there’s really no need for them. We hope to inspire other deodorant makers to adopt alternatives, of course.

Another thing: there’s also some confusion around vegan being automatically cruelty-free. There are vegan products that are still being tested on animals (in some countries by law) and vice versa: cruelty-free doesn’t guarantee a product is vegan.

With nuud you don’t need to worry: nuud is vegan and cruelty-free. Tested on human armpits; over 750.000 happy and counting. ❤️

Are natural deodorants really better?

Welcome to the eighth episode of our FAQ series! Today’s Frequent Armpit Question: Are natural deodorants really better? 🌱

‘Better’ is big word. We really like the fact that nuud is an all-natural anti-odorant that keeps your armpits fresh for days on end using just the power of nature!

With nuud we wanted to create a better alternative to regular deodorant: super effective and completely innocent.

For most people nuud is instantly effective for days. Others need a few more tries. And, some people need a little more time. But everyone that chooses nuud, discovers it works better when they use it longer. Why? Microbes.

Nuud isn’t like other natural deodorants: it neutralizes bacteria. Some skin types take longer to adjust than others. For tips check out ‘nuud for first timers’ video. And we’ve got heaps more tips and are always here for you at

Is nuud for every armpit out there?

Yes, nuud works for every body and every armpit. Everyone perspires and develops some sort of perspiration smell from the age of puberty.

You have to understand that you don’t just have one type of bacteria in your body; the diversity of bacteria can be compared to the diversity of plants and animals in a tropical rainforest.

This tropical rainforest of bacteria is called ‘a microbiome’. And just like in the natural rainforest, sometimes there is more than one type of plant, and other times more of another. There are a couple of types of bacteria that specifically cause the sweat to smell, while others cause no smell at all. In some people, the ‘non-smell’ bacteria even overpower the ‘smelly’ bacteria. They need no deodorant at all. Lucky people.

In addition to the microbiome, the number of apocrine glands is important. Eccrine sweat glands can be found all over your body, but during puberty you develop apocrine sweat glands in your armpits too.

The fluids secreted from these glands, together with the ‘smelly’ bacteria, cause that perspiration smell. If, despite using nuud, the ‘smelly bacteria’ still get the upper hand, then nuud will most likely not work as well for you. If nuud does attack these bacteria for you, then applying nuud once a week should be sufficient.

Your personal microbiome is as hard to predict as the rainforest, but luckily, nuud stays effective for several days. The feedback from thousands of customers is that two applications per week is normally enough, and for the really lucky ones – just once!

I’m pregnant. is nuud safe to use?

First of all, congratulations from all of us at nuud!! ❤️

Secondly, more good news: nuud is all-natural and totally innocent. It doesn’t contain any ingredients that can harm you, your body or baby.

But because most pregnant women want to be extra sure about the products they use, it’s important you know: nuud doesn’t contain any nano particles: nothing enters your body. It stays on the outer layer of your skin.

The micro silver we use is not nano silver, it’s 99.9% pure silver (Ecocert certified) and is completely harmless to both your body and the planet, which has everything to do with the size of the particles we use. Micro silver, unlike some forms of aluminum, is simply too large to penetrate the skin and so can’t enter your body.

Also: because of the absence of aluminum, nuud doesn’t block any pores or glands so your body’s natural temperature regulation is kept intact. Keep every body comfy and at its natural temperature.

And if you want extra double triple safe: please check nuud’s ingredients to see if there's anything in there you might be allergic or sensitive to. Just hit the link in our bio here, to discover nuud’s 10 natural ingredients.

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