Change the world with your armpits

Change the world with your armpits

Improving the world is best done by creating a product that solves a problem.

And, one sunny day we found ourselves discussing a big and underestimated problem in our world... Sweat. And all of its negative effects.

Because sweat has a lot of negative effects.

First of all, the smell.

Which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if we all lived on our own private island, but unfortunately, we spend much of our time on crowded buses, in crammed offices and busy shopping centres instead.

In short, in and amongst our very own species.

This creates the first problem with sweat: embarrassment! After all, there’s nothing as bad as 'smelling' yourself or running the risk of being ‘smelled’.

And that's where things really go wrong. Because the fight against the smelly sweat has a big impact on our world. Every year billions of sprays and roll-ons are used. Billions! These all have to be produced, transported and ... thrown away.

And then. What even is in all those deodorants? What impact do these ingredients have on our health? And on our environment?

So, if we wanted to solve all those negative effects of sweat in one go, we really had to come up with something very special.

A deodorant that is the ultimate smell buster... without harming humans, animals and the environment ... packaged, produced and shipped as ecologically as possible ... and last but not least, so appealing in its use and appearance that everyone wants to have it.

And here we have it…!!! Nuud, the carefree deodorant!

A 100% carefree deodorant.

A deo that does its job so well that you won’t smell for several days (up to even seven days) after every application.

Application? Yes, Nuud uses none of the harmful propellants you find in sprays; it is a cream you apply with your fingers. A cream that keeps your armpits nice and carefree and does not irritate your skin, because it has no salts.

No salts? Nope. And no aluminium or parabens either. In fact, no chemicals at all! Not even any petroleum products.

Nuud, in addition,is vegan, so you won’t have to worry about any animal suffering either.

On top of all of these wonderful things, we have also made all 10 purely natural Nuud ingredients super concentrated, so that less of it needs to produced and shipped, and so that it fits in a lovely little tube!

A tube you don’t have to worry about either, because it is made from sugarcane. And packaged in a beautifully designed little box made out of 100% biodegradable cardboard, which we mail out to you completely climate neutral!

This sets us apart from all other deodorants out there, and with that we want to change the world. A revolution. A deo revolution. Will you join us?