Stop using deodorant!

Stop using deodorant!

For the sake of the planet and all living things - stop right now!

There are lots of really shitty consequences stemming from deodorant use.

First of all, it doesn’t work very well. Even the really strong stuff leaves you smelling like a wet dog mixed with rotting flowers, after a couple of hours.  

Secondly, deodorant blocks your pores, mucks with your temperature control and irritates the skin.  

Thirdly, deodorant contains all kinds of not-so-nice ingredients; from aluminium to parabens, chemical fragrances, propellants, alcohol and petroleum. All this crap has to be mined, refined, manufactured and produced.  

Then there’s the packaging; all the cans, rollers, caps, covers, cardboard and labels - just to mention a few of the unneeded climate changing culprits!  And last but not least – there’s those yellowed and bleached patches damaging your favourite clothing. Seriously not ok! The answer? Stop with deodorant.  Or... start with Nuud ❤️

Because Nuud solves all the nastiness of conventional deodorants.  Nuud is a natural cream that fights odours like nothing else! Meanwhile, you’re free to sweat healthily and naturally.

What’s more, your armpits need just the tiniest drop and you’re good to go for an average of three days.  Nuud is super concentrated. So that means less raw materials, less production and less distribution.

Nuud is vegan and contains just 10 natural ingredients!  And, Nuud is packaged in a tube made from sugar cane and will be mailed to you CO2 neutral, in a box that’s made of 100% biodegradable cardboard.  

Finally, Nuud contains zero salts which means goodbye to all those unsightly yellow stains and other irritations ;-)  

So lovely people, it’s time to stop with the deodorant and just go Nuud!


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